Infected Toenails

What Causes An Infected Toenail?

A nail infection, or a fungal nail infection is commonly caused by the spread of fungus or germs to your nails. At first the infection is usually painless but unsightly as nails are typically thickened and green or yellow in colour.

Treatment For Infected Toenailsinfected toenail treatment bankstown

At this stage the most effective treatment option is for patients to take anti fungal tablets to clear the infection. However, if pain occurs and subsists frequently or leads to other problems such as ingrown toenails it is often worth exploring other nail infection treatments or treatments for ingrown toenails.

The most common treatment at this stage is surgical and is referred to as a partial nail avulsion. This treatment involves removing a larger segment of nail and cauterising the area to stop regrowth. This is carried out under local anaesthesia and is carefully administered by one of our experienced podiatrists at our clinics.

There is no cause for concern with this treatment as the success rate is close to 100%. In the event that there is a persistent problem there are further surgical options available which are more invasive, however these are seldom needed.

Ultimately if you have experienced persistent or recurring painful nail infections these treatment options (both surgical and non-surgical) should be explored immediately. As they are both relatively simple treatments there is no reason for you stay in discomfort.

Feel free to call or email and book a consultation with one of our friendly, experienced podiatrists and we’ll endeavour to get you back on your feet in no time.

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