Shin Splint Treatment

What Is A Shin Splint?

Shin splints is an all-encompassing term for pain felt anywhere between the shin bone and the knee and ankle. It is very common among athletes as it is usually caused by the overuse of muscle and bone during strenuous physical activity. Shin splints can also occur in unfit individuals engaging in exercise for the first time in a while – although this often remedies itself quite quickly.

Treatment for Shin Splintsshin splint treatment bankstown

Treatment for shin splints can be done at home using ice packs and rest, but if the pain does not go away, and there is some leg tenderness and inflammation, then the best course of action is to visit a podiatrist to determine other treatments for your shin splints.

When persistent pain is the case, shin splint treatments usually include orthotic therapy, which is the use of specialised and custom made shoe inserts, as well as the used of tailored exercise programs designed to increase range of motion.

When treating shin splints anti-inflammatories can also provide immediate relief but ultimately rest will be required to ensure the prevention of further injury.

Our experienced podiatrists have seen many cases of shin splits and are able to not only offer treatment plans for shin splints but to also help identify the cause. What this means is that with a consultation we will be able to isolate causal factors and help prevent their re occurrence. Shin splints are largely caused by lifestyle and environmental factors so be sure to think of any recent changes that you may have made so we are able to provide you with the best shin splint treatment plan when you visit.

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