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What Is Hypotonia?

Hypotonia refers to a decrease in muscle tone. It is usually a symptom, rather than a condition, of an underlying problem. In many cases Hypotonia will require lifelong care and identifying the cause of hypotonia can often prove long and difficult. The symptom occurs when there is a disruption between the nerves and muscles thereby affecting the nervous system and motor nerves, reducing movement and strength of the muscle.

Signs & Symptoms of Hypotonia

Hypotonia is usually detected at birth or during infancy, as the child may appear limp and may not be able to keep their knees and elbows slightly bent. The term “floppy baby” was coined for this symptom. While less common, Hypotonia can also manifest at any age.

Signs and symptoms include little to no head control, a delay in fine and gross motor skills, lowered strength and reflexes, bad posture and speech difficulties. Symptoms at later ages can also include poor reflexes and speech difficulties.

Treatment for Hypotonia

Treatment options vary based on the underlying cause and the best treatment approach can only be determined after diagnosis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Hypotonia Be Cured?: If the cause is a genetic disorder, hypotonia and it's symptoms can last a lifetime with no cure. If the cause is an injury or infection, there is a higher chance of being able to increase muscle tone overtime. However, even if the individual circumstances mean there is no cure, physical and occupational therapy can help reduce its effect on every day life.

What Is The Cause Of Hypotonia?: Hypotonia is a symptom rather than a condition unto itself. It can be caused by a number of underlying disorders including cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and down's syndrome among others.

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