Tarsal Coalition

What Is Tarsal Coalition?tarsal coalition treatment bankstown

Tarsal coalition is a condition where 2 or more bones in the middle or rear of your child’s foot are joined together. This is a congenital condition, meaning that it is normally detected at birth but does not present until early adolescence.

The bones in the foot fuse together because of the absence of fully developed cartilage and joints or because the bones of their feet fail to separate when they are in the womb. You may even notice that your child has a progressively flat foot as they mature.

Signs & Symptoms of Tarsal Coalition

Signs and symptoms include a painful and stiff foot, muscle spasms, flat feet and a decreased range of motion. Pain will often occur just below the fibula on the outside of the foot. This is because the two most common forms of tarsal coalition are a fusing of the two bones in the upper/mid portion of your foot. Overall, tarsal coalition is a rare disorder affecting only about 1 in 100 people.

Tarsal Coalition Treatment

There are both non-surgical and surgical treatments available, non-surgical treatments can include the use of a brace to reduce swelling and pain and designing a custom orthotic for everyday wear. Surgery options seek to either separate or fuse the bones.

If you are concerned about your child suffering from tarsal coalition, let us put your mind at ease. At Bankstown Podiatry Clinic, our team of experienced podiatrists can help with this and a range of conditions.

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