Children's Podiatry - Bankstown Podiatry Clinic

Bankstown Podiatry Clinic and its Podiatrist can address your child’s feet with their expert podiatric services.

Podiatric services for children start with a paediatric assessment which helps determine abnormalities and anomalies in young patients by carefully examining their walking and gait patterns. From here we can distinguish certain features such as in-toes, flat feet or knocked knees and begin to undertake corrective procedures. The prognosis of treatments with children are far more promising than adults as children have the advantage of rectifying bone alignment while their bones are growing. This means that early identification can ensure preventative measures are taken to minimize any damage that may occur.

If you notice that your child has the following signs and symptoms, come and see us for a friendly consultation:

  • Excessively pronated feet “rolling in” of feet or ankles
  • Excessively supinated feet “rolling out” of feet or ankles
  • Flatfeet and collapsed arches
  • In-toeing “Pigeon toed” or Out-toeing “Duck walk”
  • Growing pains
  • Frequently falling over
  • Foot, knee and hip pain
  • Bunions

We’re one of Sydney’s most trusted Podiatric clinics and we can help with a range of conditions, so if you’re concerned that your child is experiencing any pain or discomfort or just want to check to be sure, call us for a friendly chat on (02) 9791 5798 or visit our conveniently located office in Bankstown, Sydney.