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Out Toeing Treatment Bankstown NSW

What Is Out Toeing?

This is the exact opposite of in toed or pigeon toed conditions. It is referred to when walking with the foot pointing outwards (duck walk) most likely due to an external or outward rotation of the tibia causing the foot to point outwards.

Signs & Symptoms of Out Toeing

Signs and symptoms include muscular aches and pains, leg pains, knee pains, groin pains/tightness, excess pronation of the feet and typical ‘duck walk’ gait.

Out Toeing Treatment

Treatment includes the use of orthotic therapy with in toe gait plates to rectify the outward rotation of the tibia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Out Toeing Normal?: While out toeing is normal in young children and usually straightens itself out as the child develops, it is less common than in toeing. If your child complains of pain or you notice a limp, you should book an appointment with a Bankstown podiatrist for assessment and treatment options. If you are an adult and your feet are out toed or you have a "duck walk", this is not normal and you should pop in for a visit at Bankstown Podiatry for assessment and treatment.

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“I Was in terrible pain from constant flare up with plantar fasciitis. Doctor explained and showed me why I had the pain and prepared a specially made insole. I’ll be honest I thought twice about purchasing the insole , now it’s just two months later , I’m walking everyday and sometimes I can run and the pressure has eased of my feet , hips and knees . I honestly never thought I could train again the way I used to and it’s all to doctors great knowledge. I was in excruciating pain and had cortisone injection a year earlier and nothing worked . A tip for insoles is I wear them under my sneaker insole so I have the cushioning I need. Best podiatrist ever !!! Thank you”

- Maleya Yalema

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