Knee Pain

What Causes Knee Pain?knee pain podiatry treatment bankstown

Knee problems can become extremely painful when left untreated. The most common complaint is known as patella-femoral pain, which involves diffused discomfort around the kneecap or patella. It sees the pain increase during sports activities and while using stairs.

The other common condition is knee arthritis, which is characterised by a decrease in the space between the two bones that comprise the knee joint.

Most knee pain can be attributed to foot and ankle issues, so tackling these complaints can bring relief to the patient.

Treatment For Knee Pain

The first step is a detailed assessment to identify imbalances and muscle complaints. Once a diagnosis has been found, a range of pain-reducing treatments are available to reduce pain and discomfort.

This includes custom inserts to adjust the position of the foot and relieve pressure of the knee joint. In some cases, other remedies can be used to reduce pain like dry needling, knee mobilisations and prolotherapy.

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