Prolotherapy Treatment Bankstown NSW

What Is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a natural safe injection therapy that is injected in to the affected ligaments, tendons and cartilage which leads to local inflammation. The localised inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade resulting in the deposit of new collagen fibres. New collagen shrinks as it matures, tightening and strengthening the ligament by 40% than the original ligament. This new physical structure of ligament becomes more stable causing reduced or eliminated pain.

What Does Prolotherapy Do?

Since pain is caused by injured or weakened connective tissue such as ligaments or tendons, prolotherapy can cure or substantially alleviate most painful conditions because it strengthens the injured area. Below are some of the conditions treated with prolotherapy:

Treatment vary with each patient. Partial or complete relief can be obtained after one session. However the average person requires 4-6 treatments at a 2-4 week interval. X-rays are usually ordered before and after a course of therapy for joint conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Success Rate of Prolotherapy?: The success rate of prolotherapy is quite high with 2 out of 3 patients reporting positive results. Overall, prolotherapy has a 85 - 95% success rate.

What Is The Average Cost of Prolotherapy?: Prolotherapy typically costs between $250 and $600 depending on the number of areas and complexity of the treatment.

Is Prolotherapy Covered By Health Insurance?: As prolotherapy is a relatively new form of treatment and requires more in depth research, you may have difficulty getting insurance to cover the procedure.

Prolotherapy Side Effects: There have been few reported side effects to prolotherapy, the most common side effect being temporary swelling or pain where the injection occurred.

“Great service! We have been coming to Abdul for years he does and amazing job our whole family has seen him for different issues he takes the time listen and fix the problem.”

- Paula Preisig

“I Was in terrible pain from constant flare up with plantar fasciitis. Doctor explained and showed me why I had the pain and prepared a specially made insole. I’ll be honest I thought twice about purchasing the insole , now it’s just two months later , I’m walking everyday and sometimes I can run and the pressure has eased of my feet , hips and knees . I honestly never thought I could train again the way I used to and it’s all to doctors great knowledge. I was in excruciating pain and had cortisone injection a year earlier and nothing worked . A tip for insoles is I wear them under my sneaker insole so I have the cushioning I need. Best podiatrist ever !!! Thank you”

- Maleya Yalema

“Very professional and knowledgeable. Easy to communicate with. Definitely recommend seeing this podiatrists for your feet issues”

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