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Children's Podiatric Assessments

Many foot and ankle problems start from a young age. Early intervention treatments can help eliminate problems in later life, such as flat feet, back pain and bunions.

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In Toeing

This is a very common condition seen in kids. The foot turns inwards and causes muscular aches and fatigue, growing pains and pelvic muscular compensation problems.

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Out Toeing

This is referred to when walking with the foot pointing outwards most likely due to an external or outward rotation of the tibia causing the foot to point outwards.

flat feet treatment bankstown

Flat Feet

The term ‘Flatfeet’ is a fairly common condition among adults and children. People who suffer from flat feet also experience pain in their forefoot, ankles, legs, knees and lower back.

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Sports Injuries

Some common complaints include lateral ankle sprain, Achilles tendonitis, anterior knee pain, joint strains, ligament weakness, shin splints and muscle tears.

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Knee Pain

Knee problems can become extremely painful when left untreated. Most knee pain can be attributed to foot and ankle issues, so tackling these complaints can bring relief to the patient.

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Heel Pain

When the plantar structure of the foot is overstretched, tearing and inflammation can occur. This condition is known as Heel Spur Syndrome or Plantar fasciitis.

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Ingrown Nail Removal

Ingrown toenails occur when a nail breaches the surrounding skin. Often an infection follows, causing pain and discomfort over an extended period of time.

forefoot pain treatment bankstown

Forefoot Pain

This is referred to as pain around the ball of the foot. It is caused by the intermetatarsal plantar nerve becoming entrapped, with relief coming only when footwear is removed.