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Juvenile HAV Treatment Bankstown NSW

What Is Juvenile HAV?

Juvenile HAV or Juvenile Hallux Valgus refers to the condition where the bones in the big toe are abnormally angulated and somewhat curved outwards. The bones curve because the joints in the big toe drift towards the second toe, therefore forming a bony bump (a bunion) at the base of the big toe. This is commonly found in young girls and can be identified via the observation of bunions.

Juvenile HAV is typically hereditary and shoes rarely play a role in the causation of the condition.

Signs & Symptoms of Juvenile HAV

Signs and symptoms include the visual identification of bunions, prolonged difficulty in wearing shoes, flat feet and/ or a consistent discomfort with the big toe and visible swelling.

Treatment For Juvenile HAV

Treatment options for Juvenile HAV can include both surgical and non-surgical options. Non-surgical treatment requires shoe modification or orthotics. Surgical options are chosen when non-surgical treatments fail to work and is often not undertaken until growth in the bones has ceased.

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