Curly Toes

What Is Curly Toes?

A curly toe refers to the condition in which either the third or fourth toe curls underneath the adjacent toe. It is a congenital condition, meaning that it is present from birth but only presents itself when your child learns to walk. It is often genetic and is passed down from parent to child.

Curly toes occur because the tendons underneath the toe are too tight and consequently, pull one toe under the next, making it curl. It usually corrects itself as your child grows and generally does not cause any major problems.

Signs & Symptoms of Curly Toes

Some symptoms that can occur are flattening/thickening of the toenails, sores or blisters, difficulty wearing some shoes and pain or discomfort during movement. If the pain and discomfort is too much, and your child has persistent blisters on their toes, it is best to seek a consultation with our experienced Podiatrist and a suitable treatment can be recommended.

Treatment For Curly Toes

Often a change in footwear is all that is necessary however in serious cases surgery can be undertaken if the case is particularly painful.

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