Paediatric 'Children' Assessment

What Is A Paediatric Assessment?

Paediatric assessments determine abnormalities and anomalies in young patients and involve careful examination of walking and gait patterns that are not right like in the instance if the child has an in toe or out toe gait, flatfeet, knocked knees or trips over frequently.  The younger the child, the easier they are to be corrected and accepting of treatment.

When podiatrists assess adults with biomechanical problems such as pronation, flatfeet, heel and knee pains, it is noticed in the subjective history that the patient as some some stage of their childhood life suffered from aches and pains.

The majority of biomechanical anomalies that children suffer such as excess pronation, flatfeet, intoeing and out toeing have a hereditary component.  The prognosis of treatments with children are far more promising than adults as children have the advantage of rectifying bone alignment whilst their bones are growing.

In an adult's case where the bones of the feet have ossified and set, correction is not able able to be met.  The outcome is focused more on pain reduction and slow down progression of deformity or pain.

On the other hand with children, correction of bone alignment for example heel aligment, intoeing, out toeing is the main focus and the theory is to support or guide the foot in the ideal position and eventually set in that position.  In this case, this can reduce many of the aches and pains in the later years of life.

When Your Child Should See A Podiatristchildrens podiatric assessment bankstown

It is recommended to see the podiatrist for a paediatric assessment if parents notice the following signs & symptoms in their children:

  • Excessively pronated feet 'rolling in' of feet or ankles
  • Excessively supinated feet 'rolling out' of feet or ankles
  • Flatfeet and collapsed arches
  • In toeing 'Pigeon toed'
  • Out toeing 'Duck walk'
  • Growing pains
  • Frequent falling over
  • Foot, knee and hip pain
  • Bunions

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