Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Patients that suffer from  recurrent ingrown toenails and which conservative treatment has failed like nail cutting, footwear and antibiotics, surgery is indicated by the Podiatrist.  Ingrown toenail surgery medically referred to as 'Partial Nail Avulsion' with Matrix Phenolisation remains the definitve treatment for ingrown toenails.  It is a minor procedure which includes removal of the ingrown section permanently.  The following is a basic step guide to the procedure.

  •  Informed consent is obtained
  • Local anaesthetic is administered into the toe so procedure is pain free
  • Tourniquet is used to reduce bleeding whilst performing procedure
  •  Ingrown section is removed and nail matrix is burnt with chemical acid technique under sterile conditions.
  • Sterile dressing applied to toe and fixated with firm Tape tp protect wound for infection and control post-operative swelling.
  • Minimal pain experienced post operatively and pain management usually requires paracetamol.
  • Patient returns for two dressing changes and inspection of wound.
  • Healing takes 2-4 weeks.