Cold Laser Fungal Nail Treatment


What Is A Fungal Nail Infection?

A fungal nail infection is a type of disease that develops on the bed of your nail when you create the perfect conditions - usually by kicking or dropping something heavy on your toes - for bacteria and fungi to spread. A fungal nail infection is typically quite difficult to get rid of as the infection lies in your nail bed, which is protected by the nail itself.

Standard characteristics of a fungal nail infection include yellow, discoloured or crumbling nails. It is important that you seek treatment as early as possible to avoid serious infection and painful nails.

What Is The Lunula Cold Laser?cold laser fungal nail treatment bankstown

The Lunula Cold Laser System is a revolutionary new form of fungal nail treatment now available at Bankstown Podiatry. The machine delivers a combination of two simultaneous lasers, these rotating beams are programmed to operate at specific wavelengths to thoroughly treat infection within the nail, nail bed and surrounding skin.

The two lasers in the Lunula Cold Laser System work as follows:

  1. BLUE - Changes the outer walls of fungal nail cells, weakening them and creating an opening for the body's immune system to enter and destroy the cells.
  2. RED - Helps to activate the body's immune cells, strengthening them to be able to kill the fungus weakened by the blue laser. The red laser also helps to promote blood flow, allowing more nutrients and immune cells to the infected area.


What To Know About The Cold Laser Treatment

  1. It is completely painless
  2. The lasers are not harmful to you in any way
  3. The treatment typically lasts 12 minutes per foot
  4. The number of treatments required (repeated at weekly intervals) will depend on the severity of the infection
  5. There is no other medication associated with this treatment
  6. Strict hygiene protocols will need to be followed post treatment to prevent re-infection
  7. There is no recovery period, you can put your shoes back on and walk straight out of the clinic after your treatment
  8. Clinical trials indicate that the Lunula Cold Laser has a far better success rate than that of its uncomfortable, hand help predecessor, the hot laser.

Are you embarrassed by discoloured, deteriorating nails? Call or email Bankstown Podiatry today to organise your consultation for cold laser fungal nail treatment. It's quick, easy and painless and boasts an 89% success rate. Contact our friendly team of experienced podiatrists today and get ready to break out the sandals!

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